The 2 Act Structure


The spirit of vengeance, that is Damocles, will possess the bravest warrior, when he falls (Ryse: Son of Rome)

Everything has a beginning and an end, but not to forget, the in-between.

But what creates meaning in our journeys, and shapes who we are is the in-between. What we do to find resolution.

The 3 Act structure provides an infinite variety of stories to be told

This is where the real fun begins

The Awakened Dante vs brother Vergil (Devil May Cry 5)


‘So what new thing can I do?’

is what anybody who plays a video game asks halfway through any game. This, is the pivotal point. The handling of which determines whether the other half of the game is worth playing and the presentation of which can be the most spectacular event in a game, the Second Act.

The new capability

Video games have been doing this for several decades that it’s now only second nature. To introduce a new way of playing. Although the narrative of game could structurally be considered 3 Act, the Act of Play itself is divided into 2 Acts.


It is no surprise that the most reacted-to moment of God of War (2018) was the Blades of Chaos unveiling. Legacy players known how much this means to Kratos as much as to them. This is the one foundation the entire series has stood on.

The story definition of God of War may be Kratos, but the game definition always was the Blades

This point in the game, is to let loose the player. And accept that all someone wants to sometimes, is destroy.


The level ‘Core’ in Crysis (2007) is the bridge between two halves of the game as the player finds themselves inside the Alien Ceph’s nest.

The player character talks at length for the first time, documenting what he sees.
The fight is now completely in 3 dimensions with the sky being perpetually hostile till the game ends.
The level before ‘Core’, that is ‘Onslaught’ puts the player in a tank with wide open environment battling Koreans.
A level after ‘Core’, that is ‘Ascension’, puts the player flying a VTOL in dogfights with the Ceph.


Arthur Morgan is not the same person after returning from being stranded in the dreamland ‘Tahiti’ and so is the gang. One fallen card is all it takes to collapse the whole deck.

The last outlaws of the Wild West

Blood brothers ready to take a brother’s blood

All the money that Arthur (the player) looted, robbed, murdered for, dies away with him.

If you trust someone with a bad deed, be sure not to trust them


Spider-man: Web of Shadows (2008) is a game of making choices and taking sides with well known and loved Marvel heroes and villains. But nothing can change Manhattan’s fate during the second act.
With the city now plagued with Venom’s symbiotes, and S.H.I.E.L.D struggling to survive and evacuate the people at the same time. Once again, the fate of the city rests on the wall crawler.

The roads, sides of buildings, rooftops, the sky, there is no place the savage symbiotes wont attack from
Vulture is only one among other main characters to be infected

Does this mean Act 3 doesn’t exist?

Absolutely not. The reason for me acknowledging 2 Acts instead of 3 is simply because there seems to be almost always only midpoint (I do not know if 3 mid-points can exist) There are already games like Stanley Parable that have such a vague structure it’s hard to define.

The old paradigm is The Way
The new paradigm is The New Complete Way

If a 3 Act structure is defined, the above will have:

Goodbye then. Stay safe friend. Don’t you dare go hollow



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