The 2 Act Structure


The spirit of vengeance, that is Damocles, will possess the bravest warrior, when he falls (Ryse: Son of Rome)

Everything has a beginning and an end, but not to forget, the in-between.

The 3 Act structure provides an infinite variety of stories to be told

This is where the real fun begins

The Awakened Dante vs brother Vergil (Devil May Cry 5)


‘So what new thing can I do?’

The new capability


The story definition of God of War may be Kratos, but the game definition always was the Blades

This point in the game, is to let loose the player. And accept that all someone wants to sometimes, is destroy.


The player character talks at length for the first time, documenting what he sees.
The fight is now completely in 3 dimensions with the sky being perpetually hostile till the game ends.
The level before ‘Core’, that is ‘Onslaught’ puts the player in a tank with wide open environment battling Koreans.
A level after ‘Core’, that is ‘Ascension’, puts the player flying a VTOL in dogfights with the Ceph.


The last outlaws of the Wild West

Blood brothers ready to take a brother’s blood

If you trust someone with a bad deed, be sure not to trust them


The roads, sides of buildings, rooftops, the sky, there is no place the savage symbiotes wont attack from
Vulture is only one among other main characters to be infected

Does this mean Act 3 doesn’t exist?

The old paradigm is The Way
The new paradigm is The New Complete Way

Goodbye then. Stay safe friend. Don’t you dare go hollow




Art, Media, and video games

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Aadhitya Ravichandran

Aadhitya Ravichandran

Art, Media, and video games

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