Is simply itself and nothing else

rying to articulate what is not, perceived as, Design gives better awareness of what is design, and it’s lesser known relative. Commonly Design is referred to as the act of creation with a specific, or myriad of, purposes. But anything beyond that…

As the…

Is far more modest than this title

Ironically, this is far from a game, in a time where the notion of ‘game’ does not matter at all

ith such a title comes expectations from the reader, but the oncoming paragraphs will shatter pretty much all of them. The major reason being, the way of thinking, and the lesser reason, Terminology Misconception.

The notion of ultimate form of video games as…

How video games use a different structure to make us tell stories

he structure of any story is as old as stories themselves. Definitely not as old as the cave paintings, but from the time humanity has actually devised complete stories — with a start and an end.


The spirit of vengeance, that is Damocles, will possess the bravest warrior, when he falls (Ryse: Son of Rome)

There is…

Aadhitya Ravichandran

Art, Media, and video games

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